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About Hazel

Born in 1962, Sussex England, Hazel’s parents and older sister travelled to Canada by boat in 1965. Landing in Montreal they soon made their way to Ontario and having spent a couple of years in Port Credit they decided that Orangeville would be a great place to raise a family.

Eleven years later however, back to England they went – this time by plane – to resettle back ‘home’. After a marriage that didn’t work out, and meeting her new husband both her and Mars decided that it was time to go back to Canada and packed up everything and settled back into Canadian life in 1990.

Finally after so many years the ‘gift’ that had lain inside fermenting was released and her first reading room was open in 1998. Since then Hazel’s has gone home gone from purely predictive work to medium to intuitive counselor and beyond.

Her first book ‘The First Ten Years’ reflects her journey into what is now her life. Her client list exceeds over 11,000 and she not only helps individuals but is also assisting business owners and their executives look at situations and circumstances in a different light.

She remains very happily married (31 years and counting) living in the country with her beloved jack Russell’s and latest addition toy poodle and of course cats that just happen to appear and need shelter and food – no animal is every turned away.

For her – apart from peace, contentment, and balance – she lives her life with integrity – because as she had been quoted and reminds people of on daily basis


”If you live your life with integrity then you will have lived a truly successful life”.

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If you are wishing to book an appointment with Hazel please don’t be put off by the ‘Waiting List’. We run a very well organized diary system which includes both a waiting and cancellation list. Hazel also firmly believes that when you are supposed to be in – you will be. Remember everything happens for a reason…

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